Get A Second Opinion

Surgery may be the next step in treating your spine. As spine surgery is quite complicated, a second opinion from one of the leading spine experts may reassure that you have considered all treatment options.

Dr. Leary's private practice is licensed to practice in California. He is available to offer second opinions and may provide second opinions over the telephone to patients that live in this state (fees associated with the second opinion include; medical record review, 15-minute telephone consultation and a medical record/film return fee-please call for specifics). 

1. To obtain a second opinion, call 858-223-2100  to schedule a date and time for your 15-minute phone appointment.

2. Open, print and complete one of the files listed below. Upon completion, please fax to 858-223-2101  or mail to Dr. Leary’s office. This history will be used by Dr. Leary to document symptom location and duration and previous treatments for the condition. 

Forms: Select one version  Microsoft Word Version (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat Version (.pdf)

3. Place Dr. Leary’s name on each film jacket and arrange to send your films (X-rays, MRI’s or CT scans) with a tracking service (e.g., FedEx, UPS) to Dr. Leary. When you are scheduling your appointment, please ensure that you can deliver the films to Dr. Leary at least 3 business days before your appointment. Dr. Leary will review your Medical History and your films in detail before your appointment. Your films will be returned to you a few days after your phone appointment.

Delivery Address:

Scott P. Leary, M.D.

7625 Mesa College Drive, Suite 305A
San Diego, CA 92111
Main Office Line 858-223-2100
Main Fax Line 858-223-2101


4. Call Dr. Leary's private practice at the time of your appointment. During this time, Dr. Leary will review your films and history with you, and offer his opinion.




7625 Mesa College Drive
Suite 305A
San Diego, CA 92111
Main Office Line:  858-223-2100
Main Fax Line:  858-223-2101